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Why is it that you shine so bright?
Brighter than all the other stars in my sky
Somehow blinding is your twilight
Yet so distant from my reach, but I’ll try

Even the deepest of my seas
Are wrapped in your light
And my darkest forest’s trees
Can’t cast the shadow of night

Without any part of me able to rest
While you shine intensely upon me
I’ll be wakeful every second lest
We collide when your next passing be

This voiding air between us, oh star of mine
Will disappear quickly, all in due time.


Soulset On A Silent Sea

Gilded strand on the silent shore
Without a wave to break upon it
The sea rests calm, my heart at war
In wait of the tides to consume love writ

Waters rest though and my love will stay
My love will decay on this fading strand
Before you wash away the words I say
I’ll have written again with my weary hand

Even as the sun descends fast on your blue
And the moonrisen glow my night softly lit
I’ll shed my feelings to the sand anew
In case your waves break at dawn to it

And once you find my love that lay here in sand
My only expectance is for you to understand

A Passionate Plea

A crown of thistles and thorns,
Worn as I walk through the Wasteland
Carrying my burdens and hope on my shoulders
The noon light and the twilight.

Step and another forward forever
Into my now broken journey ahead
Footing the edge of the final ledge
Final steps filled with regret —
Or could it be hope?

My Passion is dark from my view;
Somehow, I shine as a Beacon
To the hopeless and the desperate,
The hearts that are broken by fate.

String me up now before I destroy them all,
All along with myself, in my pain.
I was meant to be this way,
To die while I’m still pure.

My bitter victory makes you ever sweet.

The story within myself alone is not as beautiful as the one we could tell together. Our minds intertwined at the dawn of creating a masterpiece; we will feel the hearts of one another beating fast with excitement, knowing that the fun is just beginning.


When the lonely arctic winds blew into the lands of Cathartica, it cast the Earth into an endless barren winter. The selfish winds were ruthless, leaving all that was life in despair. With no end in sight, Cathartica’s hope died.

In the early birth of another cold winter’s day a boy lies on a bed of fresh fallen snow, surrounded by the sleeping trees. The wind whips his cold face and his blood, dripping from the blade of his knife, freezes in the snow. The last breath he takes: soft and pure. He goes with his spirit and his heart as it seeps from his mortal tomb. The wind carries him through the bare, winter woodland, breezing past the stiff branches of the tired trees, and over the icy lakes. As the wind continues to carry him over the white lands of Cathartica, the endless winter season dies with him, for it could not bear the warmth of his soul, and with his death the world comes to life once more.

The arctic winds, after that day, never returned to Cathartica. The cold: imprisoned by the sacrificed dead boy’s soul; the protector of the wild lands. The body would lay through the seasons, untouched. For years, unmoved and unchanged, as life grows up all around it. The body’s wounds would be healed, but the boy will never return. He will stay forever in his lonely immortal form — keeping the wicked winds away — for the sake of Cathartica.

Finding Love

I’ve been alone for as long as I can remember. I don’t feel nor do I long the warmth of my favorite person by my side at night, because I’ve never felt it before. I rely on myself for everything I want and need. I trust only myself with my secrets. I live a life within that no one has ever seen. I’ve tried to find someone I can be completely open with but everyone I’ve ever known, I’ve idolized, hated, liked, and so on … I’ve felt everything at least once for one person or another — everything but love. I’ve never truly loved a person. Nor do I believe I’ve ever been loved. When I find that person though, I’ll know it right away.

Those Nights

I live for those nights
Where everybody feels alright
And people are funny too.

I live for those nights
When I’m surrounded by friends
And the party never ends.

I live for those nights
That I laugh bright
And we are living life!

But I die those nights
In the dark self fights
And they don’t have a clue.

I die those nights
That are wasted light
And my soul never mends.

I die those nights
It’s sickening, I might—
And stab it with the knife.

But I live for those nights
That are blurry shots of white
And can take me anywhere.


I poured my heart and soul out to too many people. I told everyone who I really am. I’ve nothing left to hide, but holy shit, what a relief.

Leap into my arms again, like you did before you left. I need to feel your warmth again, I’m going cold without you. And in my mind your turning to dust. What I once knew, feels like a foggy dream. It would all be O.K. again if you were still with me, but you’re gone for now at least. Gone until I am, and then I hope to find you.

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